Blackout – EMP

A black out can be caused by an EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) or terrorism and would almost complete shut down all commerce in the country or countries effected.


The threat of a blackout caused by a virus installed by terrorist is real.  The National Academy of Sciences conducted a five yer report released in November 2012 indicated that physical damage by a terrorist attack on the power grid could damage to large transformers  that could take months to repair.  The also indicated that a attack of this nature could be carried out by with little risk of detection.

EMP (Electromagnetic pulse)

A EMP or Electromagnetic pulse is is a short burst of electromagnetic energy.  A large scaled EMP can be caused by a high altitude nuclear blast or large solar flare.  Either one would most likely only effect part of the planet, leaving part of the world untouched and functioning but could cause a world wide doomsday situation.