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One excuse that some people use for not beginning to prepare for disasters is the cost. They look at shows like Doomsday Preppers or view the advertisements on prepping or survival blogs and start mentally calculating the costs of everything they need in their head.
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You should never go into debt by prepping.  Remember, preparedness is about being responsible by preparing for future events.  By going into debt, you are potentially causing a bad future situation. The ideas on this page are what I have done to help my budget.  Read through them and figure out what works for you.
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Awhile back one of our readers emailed us with the following question:We are your average Americans that want to start prepping but have a few things slowing us down. We have a mortgage, car payment and both of us have health issues. We don’t have $2-300.00 to spend on just empty Bob’s. How about some articles on real frugal prepping for us regular folks?
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If you have followed any of the articles or shows on prepping, you’ve probably seen some pretty elaborate plans and set-ups with costs running into the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. That’€™s all fine and dandy for those who have the disposable income or capital to invest in it. But, if you are working from a limited budget or available capital, the key is to prioritize your prepping needs so that you and your family have the items most essential for survival. At the very top of the list are food and water, for obvious reasons. So when prepping on a budget, your budget expenditures should be prioritized accordingly
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